A Virtual Reality #Strip Club-Hot Chicks?

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News Flash…if you like strip clubs (aka gentlemen’s clubs) and those hot and erotic table dances, you’re in for a new treat and you don’t even need to leave your home!

VixenVR is scheduled to release the open #beta (app) for its new virtual reality experience called VRClubz in tandem with the Facebook Oculus Rift. Dang! and there’s even going to be some mini-games added that will incorporate some fun motion play-games!

VRClubz is more like a gaming experience and it will be integrating everything into it including a multi-player option. And, if that wasn’t enough fun, you will be able to virtually arrive in style with a VIP limo and even your own entourage! Of course, this all depends on how advanced you are in the game to bring along lots of your best buddies!

There are many fans of strip clubs globally, and these won’t be any run of the mill clubs either, as they plan on giving you gentlemen’s clubs that are actual licensed venues that will be part of the experience! So, if you’ve got some virtual friends to hang out with, you can make the night out of it without ever leaving your room!

The app will be free to play, but, as they say, nothing is totally free, so prepare to use your real currency getting it from the virtual ATM to interact with those lovely ladies and have that bootee in your face with a hot and titillating lap dance. Plus, if you’re really enjoying the experience, you can be part of their VIP membership.

For additional information, and the updated article, check out Fortune: http://fortune.com/2016/01/29/virtual-reality-strip-club/




“Fifty Shades of Play” Nevada Brothel Style!

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Hi guys,

I’m sure you’ve all heard by know the industry buzz about the Fifty Shades of Grey Books when they came out, and now the Movie is coming out on Valentine’s Day? Seriously? A Movie Ticket for Valentine’s Day?

Seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with this book and movie, including the latest talk at the 2015 AVN convention with their “50 Shades of Vanilla.” Now, it’s not what you’re thinking, it’s actually a focus group of distributors who put their heads together to find products for the newbies after they read the book and see the movie. Of course, after the book came out, BDSM items were looked up on the internet by hundreds of thousands of women! I wonder what they purchased. Haha!

So, I thought I would suggest something better for you to do rather than see a movie with a few visual perks!

“Fifty Shades of Play” at Sheri’s Ranch!

So, what is Fifty shades of Play you ask? Well, as you probably know, Sheri’s Ranch has an awesome Sex Menu, and if you didn’t know, I am telling you there isn’t any part of you left untouched by the time you leave the Ranch, and I guarantee it will be a lot more fun than sitting in a movie theater.

  • The Sheri’s Ranch Sex Menu (of course you can also mix-and-match and do some add-ons, and the cost can vary depending on the type of selection):
    1. Straight Lay
    2. Half and Half
    3. Girl on Girl Show
    4. Two Girl Party
    5. Wild and Wet Bubble Bath
    6. Shower Passion Party
    7. Ménage á Trois
    8. Vibrator Party
    9. Lingerie Show
    10. Drag Party
    11. Hot French Oil Massage
    12. Nuru Massage
    13. Pleasure Exchange Massage
    14. Fully Body Massage
    15. Breast Lovers Massage
    16. Lick ‘Em Up
    17. Hot and Cold French Lick
    18. Crème de Menthe French Lick
    19. Foot Fetish
    20. Finger Fetish
    21. Dominatrix
    22. Fantasies Fulfilled

Now, the list above is 22 give or take, however, with your choice of size, color, and sex options, you can tweak this list into much more than Fifty Shades of Play options. Also, there are about 20+ ladies at Sheri’s at any given time, and your choice of B,C, D, DD, DDD, F, and G Breasts. They have a very lovely variety of Ethnicity, Hair Color, Hair Length, Bootie Size, lots of Sexy Legs, and the list goes on and on.

So, wouldn’t you say the “Fifty Shades of Play” at Sheri’s Ranch sounds like a lot more fun! Oh, and I just came across their new Blog at the time of my writing (purely coincidental, they posted it earlier today), so I couldn’t resist sending you over to their  Sheri’s Ranch website to check it out!! Oh! Yeah!! http://blog.sherisranch.com/fetish/fifty-shades-of-grey/

Erotica Images Photography, Las Vegas, NV

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Erotica Images Photography, Las Vegas, NV

There are plenty of Boudoir Photographers out there, but you haven’t had a sexy erotic photo taken if you haven’t been to Erotica Images Photography in Las Vegas, NV. Located a mile from the Strip, this studio is as professional as it gets, and provides the finest quality and “artistic” poses for couples, singles and anyone who wants to abandon their inhibitions and exhibit their sexy side. For over 20 years, Susan has provided a comfortable experience and her professionalism shows! Check out the website, need I say more! 😉 

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Danielle Fawn’s Contributor Page – Associated Content


Better Sex, Lover: 8 Miraculous Secrets

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I love this website: Better-sex-4-women. After posting my blog ” Sex, it doesn’t take much to get it right,” I stumbled upon on this website (http://www.better-sex-4-women.com/) and now receive their posts from some of the most amazing women regarding sex, love, and relationship information. From sex poles to orgasm tips, there is something for everyone including “just for men” too.

Recently, Dr. Mia Glanville gave her secrets to being a great lover and I thought I would share this with you, this is her article:

Like a crusader, I’ve dedicated the last 16+ years of my life to finding the holy grail of satisfying sex. I wanted information about sex that was accurate, reliable, and helpful and not tied to the myths and misleading depictions of the adult-male porn industry – and I knew other women wanted this information as well. Armed with a doctorate in Psychology, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of couples who tell me that they don’t know the secrets of how to make their sex lives work. This is why I went on my own personal journey of demystifying the elusive mystery of what it takes to be an extraordinary lover.

While on this quest I studied happy couples (hard to find, but I did) and sought advice from Eastern and Western mentors, teachers, other psychologists, self-help gurus and sages, so I could find the secret lessons that would make me understand what satisfying sex is all about. These are the questions I asked myself:

– What are the best-of-the-best secrets of having great, ongoing sex?

– Why do some couples have sensational sex and others don’t?

– What keep the passion-fire burning in a relationship?

– Is it possible for anyone to become a great lover?

And finally I “got it!” But most importantly what I learned can help you…

Be an Extraordinary Lover!

You see, what I discovered are the simple, profound truths that make sex miraculous. These secrets pertain directly to how sex invigorates your entire relationship. I have seen firsthand that truly dynamite sex comes not just from technique, but from mastering the underlying dynamics of relationships. Some of these secrets may at first seem like common sense, but one thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to keeping the charge of intimacy, common sense isn’t all that commonly practiced.

8 Miraculous Secrets

How to be a great lover becomes possible with the following secrets:

1. Many people assume that being a great lover is about learning tips on technique, but that is far from the truth. Even though you’ll find a lot written about technique on this very website, there is more to sizzling sex than ‘what goes where’ and for how long. Great Lovers possess an attitude toward sex that is open and curious; they’re willing to learn something new about sex – always and forever. Not only that, they understand the power of their own sexuality, are willing to share it with their partners and will do whatever it takes to keep the flames of passion alive.

2. Amazing lovers love sex. They bask in it, they luxuriate in it. If she knows he relishes oral sex, it helps her to relax into it, which triples the satisfaction. The same for him – it’s impossible to really enjoy being pleasured if you’re concerned about whether your lover likes your taste or your odour. Telling your partner how much you love sex is a gift..

3. Great lovers use their femininity or masculinity to their advantage. There is a subtle but powerful tension between opposites that evokes primal sexual energy and enhances pleasure. The more feminine she is the more masculine he can be and vice versa, which lifts sex to unexpected levels.

4. Extraordinary lovers let their partners know that they are irresistible. Nothing is more effective to revive a sex life gone stale than making each other feel attractive. Saying it is one thing, but it’s even more effective when you show your partner how much pleasure you take in their body. Great lovers delight in each other.

5. Remarkable lovers understand that defining great sex is personal and they’re able to celebrate their differences. There is no one-way-is-the-right-way, or even worse, my-way-is-the-only-way. For one person amazing sex might mean being able to give and receive white-hot orgasms, for another it might be about adventure and play, and for yet another it might be about feeling amazingly close and connected while wrapped in a lover’s arms. Instead of assuming, great lovers communicate: they ask what feels great and tells the same. Even if couples have been in a relationship for years, they can still surprise each other and learn new things about each other.

6. The best lovers know that sensational sex is not only about intercourse. The act of sex is only one part of making love. There is a smorgasbord of pleasurable activities available. Great lovers understand the dance of seduction, and that exploration is essential: playing out fantasies, using sex toys, climaxing in different ways. It’s important to give each other permission to do whatever is desired in any given situation. If she sometimes prefers a vibrator to his tongue, that’s okay. If he sometimes wants a hand-job rather than penetration, why not?

7. Great lovers never, ever compare their partners to anyone else, and especially not to former relationships. It’s easy, when referencing other liaisons – good or bad – to stray mentally, emotionally, or physically from the one you’re in. Each new relationship brings its own responsibility to make it the most satisfying it can be.

8. Sensational lovers aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side. This goes to the heart of being willing to trust someone you love with your particular weaknesses. The more open you are to sharing your softer side, the more protective your partner will become. Why? Because that’s just what love does.

How to be a great lover is just one part of the better sex 4 women puzzle. We hope you stick around to get the full picture! –Dr Mia Glanville

The Boss and the Underling

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I received this poem below in an email the other day. I read it two times.  I don’t know where it originated from, but I can certainly relate to it.

I work for someone that should have their picture posted right beside the poem and a headline reading, “The Boss and the Underling.”   I think many of us working for a company at one time or another have worked for this person.

When I Take a long time to finish,

I am slow,

When my Boss takes a long time,

he is thorough.

When I don’t do it,

I am lazy,

When my Boss does not do it,

he is busy,

When I do something without being told,

I am trying to be smart,

When my Boss does the same,

he takes the initiative,

When I please my Boss,

I am apple polishing,

When my Boss pleases his Boss,

he is cooperating,

When I make a mistake,

you’re an idiot.

When my Boss makes a mistake,

he’s only human.

When I am out of the office,

I am wandering around.

When my Boss is out of the office,

he’s on business.

When I am on a day off sick,

I am always sick.

When my Boss is a day off sick,

he must be very ill..

When I apply for leave,

I must be going for an interview

When my Boss applies for leave,

it’s because he’s overworked

When I do good,

my Boss never remembers,

When I do wrong,

he never forgets.

Here’s to all of us “Underlings” that are very smart and considerate individuals…our time will come! Keep up the great work and never let them get to you!

Michael Jackson, are we really that sad?

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I know that we have a legend of music, style, change and one of the best Motown individuals that has driven the force for many artists through the last 30+ years, but what is it that makes us so sad?

Are we reluctant to say how we really feel about this individual? Are we so wrapped up in his legend of music and his past fame that we are oblivious to what has happened over the past decade of Michael being a Mad man. I know that many people will disagree with that synopsis, but look at the facts here?

1. lunatic, maniacal, crazed, crazy. 2. furious, exasperated, raging, wrathful, irate. 4. ill-advised; unsafe, dangerous, perilous. Mad,crazy, insane are used to characterize wildly impractical or foolish ideas, actions, etc. Mad suggests senselessness and excess: The scheme of buying the bridge was absolutely mad. In informal usage, crazy suggests recklessness and impracticality: a crazy young couple. Insane is used with some opprobrium to express unsoundness and possible harmfulness: . 5. frenzied.

Michael’s musical legend was one that many would love to leave this world with. His fame could not be compared to with the exception of Elvis Presley, but those of us who have children and have followed all of the trials have yet to believe that this individual was anything else but Mad.

For those of you that still have those warm thoughts of him at age 11, and followed his music for many years, are without a doubt sad, but we cannot feel the same as we would have for a loss of someone who had a better character. Did we forget?

Michael needed help a long time ago. How many individuals worked with him over the years, his maids, mates, friends and others who knew that Michael needed help. Wasn’t there anyone who said “NO?”

In conclusion, I feel the death of Michael Jackson is a great loss of talent,  and we are sad like rest of the world. An individual that was at one time a joy to listen to, watch his videos, and grow up with.

RIP Michael, because I think you’ve never had any peace of mind in at least 20+ years!